Warren Hutton wears Vibralux

In case you missed it Shop-Task is once again carrying the new jeans from Vibralux Denim. In the past Vibralux had always made the best slim fit jeans, known for being extremely easy to skate in with a cut that you could wear when you go out. Long time fans of the brand exist and its a relief to know that each line is an improvement in overall quality and stylish as ever.

June 18, 2014 by Erik Burrow

TORONTO INFO NIGHT: Inline Skating 101

Shop Task Toronto is having our first info night. Anyone is welcome to come that has an interest in learning more about inline skating.

June 04, 2014 by AJ DeLong

Seba Street X Brian Long and Danny Beer

For the past few weeks Brian Long and Danny Beer have been working on a little something something to promote Seba's new line of aggressive skates. Being the talented skaters they are, Danny and Brian decided to make a true street edit for the brand filled with creative tricks, awesome spots and on point rap music. Anyone who has ever tried to make a street section of their own knows just how difficult a task this can be especially when the person you are collaborating with lives in a different country!

April 24, 2014 by AJ DeLong

Taylor Ritchie - Beard Blading with Razor Skates

Taylor Ritchie is at it again. Taylor recently moved from Toronto to Vancouver and without wasting anytime began filming a clip every Tuesday with Danny Beer for the @razorskates instagram.

April 10, 2014 by Erik Burrow

People & Skates #2 - Laurie and her FR2's

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Laurie at our Toronto shop.  Laurie was celebrating her 45th birthday by treating herself to some new inlines skates.  Throughout her twenty years of skating, her favourite pair of skates had always been her Rollerblade Aeroblade's, which were her second pair of skates.  Since those skates, she got away from the plastic boot with smaller wheels and into a softer boot with bigger 90mm wheels.  She never quite got comfortable on her newer skates and admits to leaving them in the closet for extended periods of time because they were't fun to skate on.  She missed the experience she had before and wanted to get a skate that would feel similar to her Aeroblades, if not better.

Coffee and Blading with Danny Beer and Taylor Ritchie

When the sun is shinning and the boys are up early you know a skate session is brewing.

With coffee's in hand and anti rockers rumbling we set out to get some clips on a spot not too far from Danny and Taylor's house. The nice thing about this particular spot was that some local skateboarders must have anticipated a crew of rollerbladers would want to hit the spot because the crack before the approach to the jersey barrier was filled in. This allowed for easier access to the ledge and of course more advanced inline maneuvers.

April 04, 2014 by Erik Burrow

People & Skates #1 - Judith and her FR2's

Judith reached out to us about a week ago, she was looking for a specific experience on inline skates.  Judith has been figure skating all her life and she wanted to get the same feel, control, and almost edge quality, as her figure skates. She had already done a bit of research and knew she needed a rockered wheel setup, her concerns seemed more with getting the proper boot in the right size.  With some women having pretty small feet, it can be difficult to find a skate that fits right. Luckily for Judith, and all the other women out there with smaller feet, we can accommodate those sizes too.

March 28, 2014 by AJ DeLong

Roll Across Ontario's James Carson visits Shop-Task

What happens when a love of rollerblading is so strong it leads someone use it as a means to raise funding and awareness for a cause they deeply care about? In our case it means scheduling a meeting with James Carson from Roll Across Ontario 2014 in order to set him up with a pair of inline skates that will accompany him on his 2215km skate across Ontario in support of the mission of The Canadian Cancer Society...

March 24, 2014 by Erik Burrow

Shop Task Toronto in a Fed Ex Commercial

Recently we had the opportunity to be apart of FedEx's new commercial for their Ship Manager Lite application. We were selected because as a small business we are constantly looking for ways to ship effectively and efficiently.

March 18, 2014 by Erik Burrow

The Panhandle Pow Wow - Jacksonville, FL

Its hard to believe that rollerblading is alive and well when brushing the snow off your car becomes an integral part of your daily routine. For those looking for some sort of early relief next winter I highly suggesting attending the Pandhandle Pow Wow for a weekend of around the clock skating, camping, live music and most importantly friends.

March 17, 2014 by Erik Burrow