What Happens when you put 6 inline skaters in a mini van on a mission to film a skate video? The answer is Gary // Vibes.

Their is nothing quite more beautiful than the mountainous backdrops of Western Canada. Merritt, Jasper, Revelstoke, Edmonton, Calgary, Drumheller, and Banff were just a few of the amazing Canadian cities we were able to explore from the comfort of the freshly stickered Shop-Task mobile.

Film available from Express Guys. 


Toronto SNS - 07/29/19

Thanks to everyone who continues to come out to our events and for those of you that haven't, hopefully this video is enough to get you out to the next one.

August 05, 2019 by AJ DeLong


There's a definite Vibe... Enjoy this behind the scene look at GARY // VIBES.

July 02, 2019 by Erik Burrow

FR1 Deluxe Intuition

Leon Basin and Anthony Finocchiaro skate the new FR1 Deluxe Intuition 80 Skate.

June 06, 2019 by AJ DeLong