What Happens when you put 6 inline skaters in a mini van on a mission to film a skate video? The answer is Gary // Vibes.

Their is nothing quite more beautiful than the mountainous backdrops of Western Canada. Merritt, Jasper, Revelstoke, Edmonton, Calgary, Drumheller, and Banff were just a few of the amazing Canadian cities we were able to explore from the comfort of the freshly stickered Shop-Task mobile.

Film available from Express Guys. 


Toronto SNS - 10/27/19

ABEC 100 Presents Shop-Task Toronto's last Sunday Night Skate of the year. We decided to change things up and go on an adventure.

December 04, 2019 by Erik Burrow

Them Skates 909 Pre-Order

The 909, Jon Julio’s latest offering to the aggressive community, is a skate truly made by skaters for skaters.

November 01, 2019 by AJ DeLong

Legacy Trail - Banff, AB

A 20 km route between Canmore and Banff in Alberta. The dedicated bike path provides you with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

October 17, 2019 by AJ DeLong