Mesmer Skates

John Bolino Pro

Revival of what was thought to be lost. Mesmer reintroduces an updated version of the classic Throne boot.

Inline Skates

For the Kids

We carry a large selection junior inline skates. They're adjustable in size, which make them great for the growing kid.

What's the hardest part about rollerblading?

Finding a good skate shop, but don't worry we've got you covered. In fact we were voted Best Brick and Mortar Skate Shop of the Year in the 2020 Big Wheel Blading Awards.

We love rollerblading.

Our stores are run by a group of experienced skaters. Most of us come from an aggressive skating background, but over the years we have all developed an increased understanding and appreciation for other styles of skating. Each of our employee's experiences with skating are unique and so is the knowledge they share.

Google Reviews
Best rollerblade store in Canada, no question!
— Guillaume
Solid team! Patient, Understanding, and not only willing to help but they also provide educative information on blading! I appreciate there service. Thank you!
— Ezra
Great staff, friendly and knowledgeable, I'm glad I choose this shop for my daughter's first rollerblades.
— Eduardo
A great little shop with SO much knowledge. Really good service to go along with that experience too. Definitely will be buying my next pair of skates there!
— Derek
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