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Dope place, manager is super helpful and cool highly recommend this shop 👌
— Radu
Most helpful skating service I have experienced in a decade.
— Naqi
Really great service from knowledgeable and passionate staff at Shop Task Skates
— Cheyne
I would strongly recommend beginners to professionals to shop here.
— Robert
This place is awesome and the staff are the most helpful and super knowledgeable. Great experience.
— B

how can we help you?

I'm new to inline skating, what skates should I get?

For beginners, we recommend getting a pair of hard boot inline skates with a brake.

These types of skates offer more support than the lower price point soft boot inline skates. Good support is key when learning because you're ankles won't be used to holding yourself up off the ground on wheels.

For wheel size, it's best to stay within the 80-90mm range. 80mm wheels are great for people with smaller feet, and 84 to 90mm wheels are better suited for larger sized feet because the length of the wheel base will usually be a little longer than your foot length which will give you more stability (forward and backward) on your skates.

Our most popular skate for beginners is the FR FRX 80 Black inline skates.

If you're looking for a premium option, the FR UFR 90 Intuition inline skates offer more comfort, support and higher quality components.

How do know what size skates I should order?

In very general terms, your skates should fit tighter than your shoes. How much tighter depends on a number of things, like your skating experience, what type of inline skating (recreational, urban, slalom, aggressive, wizard style skating) you're interested in, the shape of your foot and also personal preferences.

A good place to start is knowing the acutal length and width of your feet in centimeters (CM). Don't rely on your shoe size and buy the same size of skates.

Watch this video to learn how to measure your feet in centimeters then review the size chart of the inline skates you'd like to purchase to find the coresponding skate size that matches the length of you feet the closest.

For more information read out Skate Sizing page.

Where can I see all the skates you have available?

Go to our Inline Skates collection and use the filters to view skates by a specific brand, wheel size, or type.

I need parts for my current inline skates, how can I find the part I need?

Go to our Part collection and use the filters to view the specific part you're looking for.

If you can't find what you're looking for or if you're unsure you found the right part, please contact us.