The Wizard of Wall Street VOD

If you watched the above trailer, your next step is to head over to and get your hands a must have piece of inline skating media. The Wizard of Wall Street is a 10 minute feature that will have you re evaluating the relationship you have with your skates and how you use them to interact with the world around you.  Filmed by Mike Torres during a month long trip to New York City, The Wizard of Wall Street allows Shop-Task owner Leon Basin to provide you with his own unique view from the street. Watch as he finds control amongst the chaos that is the city that never sleeps. Leon Basin is a wizard and you are about to be put under his spell.

January 08, 2016 by Erik Burrow

Skating at Night

You work. Monday to Friday 9 to 5. On weekends you are busy running errands and fixing things that shouldn't have broken. A quick trip to Ikea can easily turn into an exhausting day long excursion with the added bonus of having to assemble everything once you get home. You know the deal, we work hard but how often do we really get to play?

Wheels 4 Freedom (Our House)

The other day as I browsed the web for news relating to Inline Skating I came across a really inspiring CTV News story about 77 year old Norm Sharkley's goal to raise enough money to purchase a Vancouver property that will be used to assist homeless addicts within the Vancouver area. Perhaps the most interesting part of Norm's Wheels 4 Freedom campaign is his use of inline skates as a means of travelling a distance of approximately 5300km in order to raise the necessary funds to make his dream a reality.


Anthony Finocchiaro put together a great video of his trip to Canada, where he spent time skating with Leon, Joey, and Todd. I'd suggest putting your skates on before you click play cause after you watch this you will want to get out on your skates right away.

February 09, 2015 by AJ DeLong
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WSX - Millenium Skatepark, Calgary

What makes you happy? Better yet, what makes you smile? If you are anything like me, the combination of friendly competition, inline skating and beautiful weather seem to always do the trick! 

August 06, 2014 by Erik Burrow

People & Skates #3 - Agostino and his Razors SL's

Recently I had the pleasure of reuniting with a friend from years back at a time that I worked as a rollerblade instructor at the Evolution skatepark in Vaughn, Ontario...

August 05, 2014 by Erik Burrow

The Seylynn Snake Run - Vancouver

Rollerblading is fun. We all know that, if you didn't think so you wouldn't be reading this right now...

June 20, 2014 by Erik Burrow

Warren Hutton wears Vibralux

In case you missed it Shop-Task is once again carrying the new jeans from Vibralux Denim. In the past Vibralux had always made the best slim fit jeans, known for being extremely easy to skate in with a cut that you could wear when you go out. Long time fans of the brand exist and its a relief to know that each line is an improvement in overall quality and stylish as ever.

June 18, 2014 by Erik Burrow

TORONTO INFO NIGHT: Inline Skating 101

Shop Task Toronto is having our first info night. Anyone is welcome to come that has an interest in learning more about inline skating.

June 04, 2014 by AJ DeLong

Seba Street X Brian Long and Danny Beer

For the past few weeks Brian Long and Danny Beer have been working on a little something something to promote Seba's new line of aggressive skates. Being the talented skaters they are, Danny and Brian decided to make a true street edit for the brand filled with creative tricks, awesome spots and on point rap music. Anyone who has ever tried to make a street section of their own knows just how difficult a task this can be especially when the person you are collaborating with lives in a different country!

April 24, 2014 by AJ DeLong