In the last couple of months our staff at Shop-Task Toronto have had the pleasure of teaming up with local blade Legend Alexei Morita @alexeimorita.

Alexei is a new contender on the flow skate scene and his creative line skating and infectious personality are getting noticed all over the world.

He was recently interviewed by @blogto where he discussed his skating origins as well as Wheels for Havana; an initiative that collects and donates gear to the Cuban skate scene.

We’ve seen first hand what an impact his donations made last year and our goal is to really help push the envelop in 2020.

If you are a local Toronto skater with used skates, pads, wheels or bearings we would be happy to help clean out your closet and find your old gear a new home.

Inline skating is such a powerful tool for connecting people and getting them mobile.

Help us spread alittle love to a scene that doesn’t have access to affordable skate gear.

Keep up the good work Alexei we are looking forward to seeing where this partnership takes us.

For more information on Wheels for Havana or to contact Alexei.


Erik Burrow