Express guys just released "Calls from the Bank", the next must see blade flick of 2020. This video is as a serious as it gets and you best believe the boys went hard for Vancity.

Calls from the Bank features a bunch of adult men rolling up and down things, turning left and right and taking the piss out of everything you were told not to do on the inlines.

I can’t think of another video that perfectly balances comedy and business blading so well. One second your watching an epic drone shot, the next a milk crate slide in a grimy Vancouver back alley. If you thought This Hour Has 22 Minutes was funny wait till you see this 28 minute 28 second banger.

Oh btw do you like music? Yes...Good, cause this video has it. Techno, Rap, Classical and a variety of Infomercials are superbly blended together to create a Vibe that keeps your head in the game, your finger on the trigger and your heart pumping.

This video really does not disappoint. The cast couldn’t get much more iconic:

You're gonna start things out with Louis Packman aka the long blonde aka the only person in Canada skating K2’s who you’ve never seen featured on the @K2skatescanada 's IG.

After that get ready for Robbie Pitts his wardrobe, his hair and his incredible creativity.

If that’s not enough Danny Beer, the hype master himself, brings the laughs and a constant stream of NBD’s and WTF’s. Get ready for a World Record Long Jump and some of his signature static stall to grinds.

If your still reading this the Brattey brothers bring the heat. Stu finesses everything in his path. His back farv alone puts every hometown hero’s go to trick to shame. Collin also comes through with excellent use of the mullet / miszou combo.

If you're sitting at home and you want to go skating. Do yourself a favour, grab this video watch it a few times, forget about it for a year, rewatch and have your mind blown all over again.

PS Ace Kieffer I see you :)

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Erik Burrow
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