Abec 100 and Shop Task Present - God's Shower

Shop-Task Vancouver's staff Dallas Kurtz and Quintin Chung were sent to Toronto by Leon Basin to join Erik Burrow and Hans Hisbrunner on a trip to Camp Woodward for the 2nd Annual WYII Inline event. Filmed on a $20.00 JVC Mini DV Camera this video showcases some of Canada's top inline skating talent living the dream. TASK WHAT!

Staring Quintin Chung, Dallas Kurtz, Zach Ruiz, Immony Men, Erik Burrow, Hans Hisbrunner, Tommy Chung, Bryan Fajkovic, Jon Craig, Kenny Tico, Tyler Knight, Taylor Nelson, Mike Torres with guest appearance by Guy Crawford.

Edited by Erik Burrow.

Special thanks to Cameron Card, Long Tonthat and Leon Basin.

Erik Burrow
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