After having a blast at Blading Cup and skating and hanging with the boys at the Negrete Memorial Session myself Leon Basin, AJ Delong, Mike Torres and Robert Guerrero decided to take a 7 day road trip along the 101 to see the sights and get some skating in along the California Coast.

We somehow managed to squeeze 5 guys and 8 sets of Intuitions into Leon’s RAV4 with 3 Main goals: skate, eat a burrito a day and soak in every and any hotel hot tub we could find.
Stops included Torrance, Ventura, San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Big Sur, Santa Cruz and two nights in San Fransisco with Dave Ghent aka Canadian Dave.

It was my first time in California and the trip did not disappoint. My only complaint would have to be daylight savings constantly cutting our days short, but luckily we always managed to find a lit skatepark to unwind at before our final tub of the night.

Edited by: Erik Burrow
Filmed by: The Boys
Photos by: Andrew Justin DeLong

Rolling around with the boys before the premiere of Ellos. [Santa Ana, CA]

Watching our heroes at Blading Cup. [Santa Ana, CA]

Going to church with Leonid. [Ventura, Ca]

Mike and Leonid doing their thing. [Ventura, Ca]

Leonid getting progressive on the 76s. [Ventura, Ca]

Erik deep in prayer. [Ventura, Ca]

Erik mid-worship with a topside acid on the bicycle rack to a three hundred and sixty degree spin over the rail. Mike and Robert being present in the moment. [Ventura, Ca]

Leonid reaching up to the heavens with a high kick over the pole. [Ventura, Ca]

Getting caffeinated for the day at a local roaster. [Oceano, Ca]

Erik and the camera two that became one. [Morro Bay, Ca]

Looking for spots around the rock. [Morro Bay, Ca]

Still looking. [Morro Bay, Ca]

No spots, but Erik found the pot. [Morro Bay, Ca]

We met the man that made this mini ramp on the beach. [Cayucos, Ca]

Robert imagine blading. [Cayucos, Ca]

Syncing up with nature's flow. [Big Sur, Ca]

Accept and connect. [Big Sur, Ca]

Mike trying to find that perfect angle. [Monterey, Ca]

Leonid with a ____________ to ____________ and then _____________ to 360 out. [Monterey, Ca]

Shop Task team building exercise. [Monterey, Ca]

Before checking in, Erik checks the parking garage. Porn star to backwards roll into the earth.   [Monterey, Ca]

Rock and roll to frontside by Erik on his way to the beach.   [Monterey, Ca]

Welcome to Santa Cruz, I suggest you bring your skateboard.   [Santa Cruz, Ca]

Fortunately Erik's inline skates worked well on this spot which doubles as someones house.   [Santa Cruz, Ca]

Leonid and Mike reviewing recent YouTube comments.   [San Francisco, Ca]

David and Erik discussing the benefits of dog ownership.   [San Francisco, Ca]

Betty reminding David of the responsibilities of dog ownership.   [San Francisco, Ca]

Erik providing guidance and supervision while Leonid fixes David's inline skate.   [San Francisco, Ca]

Mike with an excellent left hand grabbed single legged frontside fahrvergnügen grind.   [San Francisco, Ca]

Erik and David causally inline skating through Golden Gate Park.   [San Francisco, Ca]

Safety marshal Erik checking for traffic.   [San Francisco, Ca]

David cheats to win the inline speed skating race.   [San Francisco, Ca]

Tour guide David, takes us deep into the history of Ocean Beach.   [San Francisco, Ca]

Site seeing with the locals.   [San Francisco, Ca]

Erik collaborating with local artists to create art on art. [San Francisco, Ca]

Erik ends the tour with a backwards roll off the natural landscape to outwards spin to soul plate slide to backwards roll on the pipe. [San Francisco, Ca]

Erik Burrow
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