What Happens when you put 6 inline skaters in a mini van on a mission to film a skate video? The answer is Gary // Vibes.

Their is nothing quite more beautiful than the mountainous backdrops of Western Canada. Merritt, Jasper, Revelstoke, Edmonton, Calgary, Drumheller, and Banff were just a few of the amazing Canadian cities we were able to explore from the comfort of the freshly stickered Shop-Task mobile.

Our fearless leader Leon Basin was the tours designated driver, master Wizard and most importantly the constant provider of delicious midnight Thai Tai.

The remaining crew members Louis Packman, Danny Beer, Erik Burrow, Stu Brattey and Brian Long were each invaluable in constructing the vibe needed to bring this video together.

Our schedule was fairly simple; Coffee.  Drive.  Stop to pee or stop to skate.

It's a simple formula but with a diverse crew like ours it was never too hard to find a spot.We had our fair share of laughs always opting for the random pits stop. If we weren't skating we were at a grocery store, Tim Hortons or hotel hot tub.

There's a definite Vibe... Enjoy this behind the scene look at GARY // VIBES

DOWNLOAD - https://expressguys.bigcartel.com/product/gary_vibes

Erik Burrow
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