Rollerblade RB 110 3WD - Black/Saffron Yellow

$349.99 CAD

Skate Size

Looking for a versatile and fast urban skate? The RB 110 is designed for all skating environments and provides an anatomical and sublimated liner and paired with top eyelets and a training footbed for ideal support. Molded-boot comfort and a durable hard shell skate provide performance and speed. Roll anywhere and everywhere with this extremely versatile and durable skate.

Recommended for experienced skaters.

  • RB Shell/Upper, molded, vented, lateral slider
  • Locking cuff buckle, 45° buckle, laces
  • High Performance Liner, shock absorber, extended eyelets, sublimated lining, Training footbed
  • 3WD Extruded Alu Frame (max 110mm) 255mm/10", racing axles, laterally adjustable
  • Supreme 110mm/85A Wheels
  • SG7 Bearings
  • Brake not included