Rollerblade 3WD Brake Support


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The Rollerblade 3WD Brake was designed to work on all Rollerblade 3WD frames as well as come to the rescue for those who feel more confident putting a brake on the 3WD frame. Typically 3WD skates do not come with brakes because of the skating style and speed applications. This does not mean a brake makes a 3WD model less cool or slower, it just means anyone who prefers a brake can now roll on 3WD. The brake comes with all the necessary hardware, instructions and also blends in nicely with the frames for a clean finished appearance.

  • A BRAKE SYSTEM FOR ALL ROLLERBLADE 3WD FRAMES. The 3WD brake pad is for those who want to have a brake on their 3WD skates.
  • CNC MACHINED ALUMINUM adds durability and strength in power transfer
  • MOUNTS EASILY, BLENDS IN WITH THE FRAME and maintains effective braking power. It also maintains the same stopping power when using 110mm wheels on a 125mm frame, or 100mm wheels on a 110mm frame.
  • COMPLETE KIT includes brake support, pad, mounting screws, allen key and illustrated instructions.