Oysi Chassis - Black

$109.99 CAD


Available in three wheelbase lengths (257mm, 269mm, and 281mm) featuring a huge groove centered between middle wheels.

Efficient use of the space beneath your feet yields an un-compromised groove, responsive control, and low profile chassis that hugs your soul.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA.

Sold in Pairs.

Each pair includes:

  • 8 x Standard 8mm Axles
  • 16 x Metal Sidewall spacers
  • 4 x ISO Class 10.9 UFS Fastener (12mm length)
  • 4 x ISO Class 10.9 UFS Fastener (16mm length)
  • 16 x Nylon Washers for Coping Mode


Wheel setups

Below are a couple of examples of different wheel setups to give you either a flat or rockered setup with these frames.

Medium Chassis - Size 257mm and 269mm

  • 65-58-58-65 = flat setup
  • 65-60-60-65 = 1mm rocker

Original Chassis - Size 281mm

  • 72-59-59-72 = flat setup
  • 72-60-60-72 = 0.45mm rocker