Kizer Aluminum Soulframes

$290.00 CAD


The Kizer Aluminum Soulframes are designed to lower the center of gravity while increasing the direct feeling of grinding. It is completely made out of aluminum for maximum energy transfer, faster grinds, and designed specifically for the high-speed park, bowl skating, and coping grinds.

Like the Aeon it is a non-UFS unibody soul plate with an integrated frame, to achieve the lowest center of gravity and widest split for flat setups, making it lighter and stronger whilst using fewer parts.

Plate and frame are made out of 6061 aircraft aluminum, CNC machined to perfection, and coming with the new Element II aluminum H-block.

The Soulframe has predrilled and recessed mounting holes which are compatible fit flat bottomed USD skates and also Salomons.

Kizer Aluminum Soulframes