FR FR1 310 Intuition Black

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This is an exclusive setup only available at Shop Task.  The FR1's supportive plastic shell when paired with their Intuition liner creates an amazing boot for just about any style of skating.  We've put a 3x110mm setup under your feet for a smooth fast roll and still very maneuverable. 

We recommend this skate only for expert skaters, as the larger wheel size makes you higher off the ground and less stable. 

Brake not included.  If you need a brake you can purchase the FR Brake for 3 Wheel Frames and it's a good idea to get at least one extra FR Brake Pad.

  • FR1 Shell
  • FR Intuition Liner
  • FR 3D Frames
  • FR Speed 110mm/85a Wheels
  • FR Twincam MW9 Titalium Freeride Bearings


Use centimeters (CM) as a reference to find your proper skate size.

If measuring in inches, 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

Stand barefoot on a piece of paper and trace your foot. Measure both feet and use the longer heel to toe measurement.


Skates should fit tighter than your shoes. Your feet need to bend while you walk, so you need some room for your foot to move around. In skates your feet don't need to bend, so it's best to have tighter fit so the skate feels like a part of your body.

Skates are always the tightest when they're brand new. Inline skate liners have thicker padding than your shoes and will expand/stretch by up to one full size as the foam compresses over time (10-20 hours of skating).


Performance Fit - For experienced or advanced skaters. Your toes should be touching the end of the liner, even with some pressure, as long as your toes are flat (not curling). For maximum performance and control, you want to minimize all movement of your foot inside the boot.

We recommend that you choose the size closest to your actual centimeter (cm) measurement or 0.5-1cm shorter. For most people, this will result in a skate size that is one full size smaller than your shoe size.

Comfort Fit - For beginner skaters. Your toes should be very close or lightly touching the end of the liner. For comfort, it's ok if you can wiggle your toes, as long as the rest of your foot doesn't move inside the skate.

We recommend that you choose the size closest to your actual centimeter (cm) measurement or up to 0.5cm longer. For most people, this will result in a skate size that is a half size smaller than your shoe size.


Everyone's feet are different. If you have pronounced features on your feet or your feet are extra wide, you may want to choose a comfort fit or if possible upgrade your liner to a heat mouldable liner, like the Intuition Skate Liners.

Insoles and orthotics Orthotics could make the skate fit tighter, depending on how thick they are. Keep that in mind when choosing your size. Aftermarket insoles, like Superfeet, can help improve the fit. They stabilize your heel, support your arch, and align your foot properly in the skate.

Socks, we recommend thinner calf height socks. Our favourite socks are made by Lorpen.


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