Seba Marathon 100

$799.99 CAD

Skate Size

The Marathon 100mm is our top of the line soft boot option for fitness skating. Providing good support, closest fit and the best energy transfer. Equipped with high quality metal frames, wheels and bearings the Marathon provides you with speed, comfort and the capability to go long distances.

Recommended for experienced skaters looking for comfort and performance. Best for pathway, city and speed skating.

  • Open Carbon Shell, Soft Boot with Wishbone Cuff
  • Integrated Liner
  • Velcro Top & Toe Strap, Ratchet Instep Strap
  • Seba Marathon 100mm Frame, 195 mounting
  • Seba CC 100mm/84a Wheels
  • Twincam ILQ-9 Pro Bearings
  • 195 Speed Mount, Offset Adjustable

This skates does not included a brake.