"Why do you skate on big wheels?" I get this question a lot when I cruise around the city on my 100mm wheels.

Most entry-level skates  come with 80mm or 90mm wheels depending on what you're looking for. It can be an odd sight seeing someone skating in bigger wheels wheels in the city as most skates generally come with a smaller wheel

In my experience smaller wheels accelerate fast but have a low top speed. They  are more agile compared to bigger wheels which are less agile. They accelerate slow but have have a higher top speed.

Wheel size preference will vary depending on the style of skating you would want to be doing.  Different wheel sizes lend better to different skating styles each having their own mix of pros and cons for the skating you want to be doing.

"Why do you skate on big wheels?" It all comes down to preference. When I was looking for a skate, I wanted a skate that would be fast without limiting agility. Basically I wanted something fast and fun!

I started researching different wheel setups, different frames, different wheel sizes until I stumbled across the Wizard frame. The Wizard frame fits the exact specifications I needed for the skating style I wanted to do. This frame comes in three different sizes: 90mm, 100mm, and 110mm. The Wizard frame has a built in natural rocker. It makes it so that when skating big wheels you are essentailly able to pivot on the third wheel allowing for my a greater degree of maneuverability and agility than a traditional flat setup.

All three sizes share a similar purpose each has a long wheel base for stability, bigger wheels for speed, and the rocker makes for a shorter turning radius. In comparing the 3 sizes I found:

  • The 90mm frame offers more maneuverability than speed and is definitely the most playful setup
  • The 100mm frame gives the best of both worlds with a balanced focus on  maneuverability and speed.
  • The 110mm frames feels fastest but isn't as easy to maneuver.

I opted for the 100mm frames as I wanted to be able to have the best of both.  I never thought I could have such a balanced mix of maneuverability and speed on 100mm wheels! The Wizard frames have become my daily frame set up. I use  to commute from point A to point B, as well as do jumps, street skating, and some slalom.

At the end of the day it all comes down to preference, I like skating in big cities, on uneven terrain, down hills, and in skate parks. I don't like feel limited by the terrain and I also love gong fast! I like skating in big wheels for these reasons. So...

Whats the reason you skate your setup?

Zachary Xavier Ruiz
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