12 km Mostly Flat, one hill Intermediate to Advanced Skill Level

A loop that takes you through downtown and along the newly revamped Harborfront area.  The route is mostly flat, with one hill on Strachan Avenue. Downtown you'll be skating on the Richmond Street bike lane or on the sidewalk if you're more comfortable there. Once you're down by the lake, there is a smooth dedicated bike path that will take you from Strachan Avenue all the way east to Parliament Street.

We suggest starting at the shop, but you could also start at from any of the paid parking lots on Queen's Quay.  Check the route map for additional information about what's along the route.

Nearest Transit Stop:
Route 504A - Cherry Street @ Front Street East

446 Front Street East

43.653097, -79.355807

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Route description and photos:

Shop Task, Toronto's inline skate shop.

Start at Shop Task.

Inline skating in the Canary District.

Skate west on Front Street along the sidewalk.

Cross Cherry Street and continue west.

Skate west along the sidewalk.

Cross Trinity Street and stay to the left.

Continue skating on the sidewalk on the south side of Front Street.

There's a Starbucks on the north west corner of Front Street and Berkeley Street. Just in case you need a coffee or something.

Continue skating west along the sidewalk past the opera centre.

Cross Princess Street and continue. You'll be turning right at the next intersection.

Turn right and skate north on Sherbourne Street. There is a good burrito place here on the south west corner called Bolet's Burrito.

Skate north on Sherbourne Street on the narrow bike lane, or sidewalk if you prefer.

Turn left on Richmond Street and use the bike lane or sidewalk.

Continue skating west on Richmond Street. If you are using the bike lane, be mindful of cyclists.

Use caution when crossing University Avenue. I'd suggest using the pedestrian crossing area.

Continue west on Richmond Street.

Cross Spadina Avenue and continue west on Richmond Street.

Cross Bathurst Street and continue west on the bike lane or sidewalk.

Turn left on Niagara Street and then take your first right.

Turn right on Richmond Street and continue skating west.

Turn left on Strachan Avenue and skate south.

Skate south on Strachan Avenue using the bike lane or sidewalk.

Cross King Street and continue south.

Skate south on Strachan Avenue.

Use the bike lane or sideawalk.

Watch your speed as you come down the hill.

Cross Lake Shore Blvd. It's a big intersection so if you're not comfortable using the bike lane than use the pedestrian crossing.

Turn left and follow the bike path east.

Stay to the right at the split in the path.

Continue on the path.

Cross Stadium Road and continue east on the bike lane or sidewalk.

Cross Bathurst Street and stay to the right and take the bike path.

Continue on the bike path.

Pass the Redpath building and Sugar Beach.

Continue skating east on the path.

Up ahead is Lake Shore Blvd.

Cross Lake Shore Blvd using the pedestrian crossing. Be very careful of cars turning.

Skate under the bridge and up to the Distillery District.

Turn right on Mill Street and skate along the sidewalk.

Cross Cherry Street.

Continue on Mill Street and turn left on Rolling Mills Road.

Skate north on Rolling Mills Road and finish back at Shop Task.

AJ DeLong
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