TORONTO INFO NIGHT: Inline Skating 101

Date: June 12, 2004
Time: 8pm
Location: Shop Task - Toronto
1624 Queen Street East
(416) 698 - 7405

Shop Task Toronto is having our first info night. Anyone is welcome to come that has an interest in learning more about inline skating.

Inline Skating 101 will be a general overview of the following...

  • benefits of inline skating
  • different types of skating
  • skates & accessories
  • where to skate
June 04, 2014 by AJ DeLong


Emily said:

This is a really ingtllieent way to answer the question.

Muhammad said:

I have an extra line on my little fiengr on the right hand too – always had it. Though I have grown an extra line on my thumb too haha – I wasn’t born with that one. There seem to be mixed thoughts over it from what I’ve found online. I like to think it’s a positive sign though!

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