In case you missed it Shop-Task is once again carrying the new jeans from Vibralux Denim. In the past Vibralux had always made the best slim fit jeans, known for being extremely easy to skate in with a cut that you could wear when you go out. Long time fans of the brand exist and its a relief to know that each line is an improvement in overall quality and stylish as ever.

When Shop Task supporter and friend Warren Hutton heard through Facebook that we were the getting the new line in he was first to reserve as well as receive his pair. Warren's been a collector of Vibralux from the beginning so we figured we'd find out what he thought of the new line and how fresh he looked rocking them.

Warren Hutton "Finding a pair of jeans you really like is a hard task for most, and finally finding that pair of jeans can be life changing. Vibralux has been in the game for over a decade and has perfected the greatest blading brand jeans.

The new line is everything you expect from Vibralux and more. Triple-stitching, 5-pocket, 2% spandex, awesome colours, soft & strong materials; and even new tags and pocket-lining. The fit is greatly improved from the last line (brown Broskow’s & black Farmer’s) and feels lot like the line before (black Shima’s, corduroy Broskow’s, blue Haffey’s) Both new pairs feel great, the brown LeRocks are the tighter fitting jean, but not too tight at all. Haffey’s are a very clean grey denim that fits more traditionally. I also think the fabrics have changed because they feel much softer too.

I’m pleased as always with Vibralux, and if you’re looking for new pants, spend a little extra at Shop-Task and support rad dudes like Adam Johnson".


(Below Warren wears the Chris Haffey's)

(Warren wears the LeRock's)

Erik Burrow
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