FR Spin Black

$469.99 CAD $699.99 CAD

Skate Size

Designed to perform freestyle tricks and skate around the city.  Equipped with a carbon shell and rockerable frame.

Sizes 35-40 come with 76mm wheels on a 231mm frame.

Sizes 41-45 come with 80mm wheels on a 243mm frame.

Brake not included.  If you are a beginner we recommend purchasing the FR Brake for these skates, along with an extra FR Brake Pad.

  • Carbon and Fiber Glass shell with integrated liner
  • Sizes 35-40 - FR R2 Frames (Rockerable) 231mm 
  • Sizes 41-45 - FR R2 Frames (Rockerable) 243mm
  • Size 35-40 - FR Downtown Wheels 76mm/85a
  • Size 41-45 - FR Downtown Wheels 80mm/85a
  • FR Twincam MW9 Titalium Freeride Bearings