FR FRX 310 - Black

$224.00 USD

Skate Size

The FRX 310 is a durable and supportive skate with a hard plastic shell and removable liner. This is a great skate for intermediate skaters with an interest in urban and/or freeride skating. The X2 310 frames with a 3x110mm flat setup provide you with a smooth roll, and the ability to maintain your momentum easier, while not sacrificing maneuverability.

This skate does not include a brake. If you use to using a brake for speed control, we recommend purchasing the FR Brake for 3 Wheel Frames for these skates, along with an extra FR Brake Pad.

  • Plastic Shell
  • Removable FR Liner
  • X2 310 232mm Frame
  • FR Street Kings 110mm/88a Wheels
  • FR Twincam MW7 Freeride Bearings