Rollerblade Macroblade 90 - Orion Blue/Spicy Orange

$149.00 USD $247.00

Skate Size
A soft boot skate from Rollerblade with 90mm wheels.
  • Macroblade Shell/Upper
  • Performance Form Fit Liner
  • Twinblade Alu (max 90mm) 280mm/11" Frame
  • Rollerblade 90mm/84a Wheels
  • SG9 Bearings
  • Standard Brake

From Rollerblade:

Macroblade 90 is the quintessential model for someone looking to upgrade up from their older skates and wants to skate a little faster. 90mm is a great "go to" size for wheels and the fit and support of the Macroblade 90 is incredible. The higher boot design helps add more stability when learning to ride taller 90mm wheels thus creating a better sense of stability and control when skating. The liner utilizes engineered mesh for a added breathability, sock like comfort and has all the cushioning one could need to make learning how to skate much more pleasant. The aluminum frame adds more power transfer and durability. The closure system is easy to use and secures the foot to maximize fit and comfort. The wheel/bearing set up is ideal for skaters to have the right amount of speed and control without going too fast. Brake is on the skate.