4.5 km A Few Hills All Skill Levels

Starting at the edge of the downtown piers, the Elliot Bay Trail runs past the Olympic Sculpture Garden and along the waterfront of Puget Sound before going into Magnolia. It allows for great views of the sound, West Seattle and downtown throughout the entire roll. Most of the pathway is very freshly paved with smooth asphalt, but turns to weathered concrete once you turn the corner at the end of Myrtle Edwards park. It has a few mildly hilly sections but, because the path is generally open and smooth, it is still very beginner friendly. Stop at the fishing shack at the docks near the end of the park for some cheap tacos and snacks!

Below is one of many possible starting points.  Check the route map, there might be a better starting point for you.

North End47.641900, -122.381935
South End47.615079, -122.354917

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Brian Long
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