Welcome to our new website. The plan was to relaunch it at the begining of November but instead of making you wait till it is completely finished, I thought I'd let everyone see it as we are putting it together. Our hope, through this new site, is to bring you a shopping experience that is friendly, educational, and easy.

Over the past few years, Shop Task has changed and grown alot. Those who have been around since the beginning will remember buying skates off Leon from the back of his station wagon. Since then, we created an online shop solely focused on aggressive inline skating. We opened our first retail location in Vancouver and branched out into other types of skating. The next year we opened our second retail store in Toronto and now have four stores in major cities across Canada and a U.S. store in Seattle. We're very grateful for the things we've been able to do in such a short period of time and for the small group of dedicated individuals that have joined the us along the way and that have become part of the Shop Task family.

We've learned so much throughout the whole process of opening and operating traditional retail stores, meeting customers face to face, and helping each individual skater find a skate that suits their needs. It's now time to bring that knowledge and experience to our new online store.

Over the next few weeks we'll be slowing adding product to this new site. It won't be a complete reflection of what we have in stock, instead we'll be focusing on a hand picked collection of products that we think are the best.  There will be products from all categories and skating types so you should still be able to find what you need.  However, if you're trying to find something and you don't see it on the site please call us and ask if we have it.  Our phone number is 1 (877) 497-7613.

Thank you for your patience through this transition period.  I'll be making some more post here about the features and progress of the new site, so please check back soon.



Misato said:

These skates are fun and cvleer; kudos to whoever invented the mechanism that allows you to change settings between no wheels rolling (walking mode), forward only (toddler can push forward and not risk one foot rolling away behind them), or forward and backward rolling (normal skating).These are excellent skates for puttering around the apartment. Our son is not quite 4 yet, so he wears the skates over a pair of socks and shoes to get a snug fit. If they are being used on a hard surface like hardwood floor or parking lot, I’d recommend helmet, knee and elbow pads. Puttering around on the carpet is actually doable in these skates. You should let your child try to skate without holding onto you though, so their hands and arms are free to move around and help them keep balance- my son seemed more likely to fall while he was holding onto my arm than when he was just holding his arms out for balance. You will want to stay close to spot/catch your child if they slip an odd way on a slippery floor or stumble otherwise (it takes a bit of leg muscle/control to keep feet moving in the same direction when the skate wheels are fully unlocked), but the skates are generally sound.He can also put them on and off by himself which is a plus for convenience and confidence.Excellent beginner skates for small children to get comfortable moving around on skates. I’m not sure I’d bring my child out to a skating rink on these- too much traffic, but good around the house.


Jeanine said:

Such lovely phtoos! We live in Canada (southern Ontario) and have had an odd winter- a couple of snow storms but then warm days that follow melt most of the snow. We live on a lake but no chance to skate here this year.I love your home- is there any chance you might post a photo tour of your house? We are currently looking for house plans to build a new home in 2 years. We would love a house with loft bedrooms & vaulted ceilings but find it difficult to find existing plans to our liking. Would love to see what the interior of your house is like.Thanks for the lovely winter inspiration phtoos.

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