The other day as I browsed the web for news relating to Inline Skating I came across a really inspiring CTV News story about 77 year old Norm Sharkey's goal to raise enough money to purchase a Vancouver property that will be used to assist homeless addicts within the Vancouver area. Perhaps the most interesting part of Norm's Wheels 4 Freedom campaign is his use of inline skates as a means of travelling a distance of approximately 5300km in order to raise the necessary funds to make his dream a reality.

Using Vancouver's beautiful Seawall and a pair of Rollerblade RB 90's Norm has slowly but surely been conquering this impressive feat, 5 days at a time 50 km per day. If that sort of will power and determination doesn't impress you I don't know what will. In my own experience I have found one late night lap around the Seawall leaves me tired enough that I am willing to take a rest day before I hit the trail again.

Norm obviously is cut form a different cloth. His example proves that mental toughness and determination can keep any man feeling young. With the right mindset anything is possible. For 77 year old Norm this mindset based on helping those in need surely what keeps him going regardless of how tired or sore he may be.

After having had the opportunity to meet and chat with Norm at our Vancouver storefront this summer, I was able to really see how important this cause was to him. It always brings a smile to my face to see just how much good one single pair of inline skates can have on the people around us. Perhaps the most impressive thing about inline skating is how supportive the people within our small community are of each other. 

Although Norm's fundraising efforts have been taking place for a few months, he still needs alot more help in order to achieve his goal. For this reason let's use our love of rollerblading for something other than our own personal pleasure. Help Norm by visiting his Go Fund Me campaign and donating to his efforts. Lets build a bigger and better skating community by supporting the people who not only promote our lifestyle but also our reputation. 

Keep up the good great work Norm!

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Erik Burrow
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