Taylor Ritchie is at it again. Taylor recently moved from Toronto to Vancouver and without wasting anytime began filming a clip every Tuesday with Danny Beer for the @razorskates instagram.

For 7 weeks Danny and Taylor worked hard at putting out content for the masses that was not only super stylish and unique but also extremely funny and fun to watch. Rather than taking himself super serious Taylor saw the opportunity to show people what makes skating with him so fun. A session with Taylor will most likely start early, involve coffee and take place at a spot you've never thought of skating before. A master at his craft and a wizard on his rollerbladers Taylor is definitely one to keep tabs on.

We dare you to watch this edit, buy razors, skate street and try to grow a bigger beard than Taylor. Great work buddy can't wait to skate with you more in the future.

This is what high quality skating looks like, don't forget it.

Erik Burrow
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