When the sun is shinning and the boys are up early you know a skate session is brewing.

With coffee's in hand and anti rockers rumbling we set out to get some clips on a spot not too far from Danny and Taylor's house. The nice thing about this particular spot was that some local skateboarders must have anticipated a crew of rollerbladers would want to hit the spot because the crack before the approach to the jersey barrier was filled in. This allowed for easier access to the ledge and of course more advanced inline maneuvers.

After patiently filming a clip of both myself and Taylor, Danny got to work on a super stretched out sidewalk to fakie roll on the barrier as seen in the picture seen below. To this day I have never seen anybody perform such a hilarious, yet stylish combination at a moments notice.

Our last spot of the day was this beautiful wood fence to backyard patio party that Danny grinded with ease. Its still hard to believe that we even saw the potential trick at this spot. We originally gravitated to this area in order to check out something completely different that ended up not being skateable. As we were messing around in the parking lot I asked Danny if he thought grinding a wood fence into someones back yards would make a good clip. Turns out he thought it would and from there an amazing moment was captured. 

If I learned anything from this session it is that skating street doesn't have to be about doing cool tricks that other rollerbladers would approve of. The most fun thing you can do is put your skates on and mess around at a spot until you are proud of what you have done.

That and grind fences cause it always makes for a good picture. 

Erik Burrow
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