What happens when a love of rollerblading is so strong it leads someone use it as a means to raise funding and awareness for a cause they deeply care about? In our case it means scheduling a meeting with James Carson from Roll Across Ontario 2014 in order to set him up with a pair of inline skates that will accompany him on his 2215km skate across Ontario in support of the mission of The Canadian Cancer Society.

Anyone who has ever even dared skating two 30 km days in a row knows how taxing long distance skating can be on the body. When you add traveling across unpredictable terrain and varying weather conditions into the mix you have yourself an adventure that requires some considerable preparation. Our encounter with James proved that although he anticipates his upcoming trip to be a difficult ride, this distance is not something that he isn't prepared to conquer. James has worked hard to promote his journey and explained how difficult, yet rewarding it is to reach out to the community for support for a cause that he passionate about.

When James came to the shop our goal was to supply him with a new setup to compliment the terrain that he would be covering on his journey. We began our process by deciding that a 90mm setup would be the perfect wheel size for the distances he was intending to travel. It would allow him to travel at a constant and smooth pace without severely limiting his his mobility if a split second adjustment, as a result of unpredictable terrain, occurred. After much consideration James choose the Seba Trix as his a skate of choice. This boots' solid, supportive carbon base ensures this boot is rigid and study, making it a perfect skate for long, powerful and repetitive strides.

With skates in hand and spirits high we snapped this picture with James and wished him good look on his journey.

Be sure to check the Roll Across Ontario 2014 Facebook and Twitter to keep up with James' progress.

Erik Burrow
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