What a mess!

Cobble stone is a terrible surface to skate on, in many cases it acts as a barrier that only the bravest inline skaters attempt to travel across. Unfortunately for this rollerblading duo, or more so this rollerblading boyfriend, no surface was too rough to put an end to this hilarious and cute New York City skate date.

Believe it or not, you don't have to be a good skater to appreciate just how amazing rollerblading can be as a bonding tool. Skating is something that you can learn to do together, its something that can look awkward and as a result can be extremely funny to watch as well as share with another person. Don't make the experience of skating about being better than someone else, instead use it as an opportunity to travel, to see new places and most importantly get out of your comfort zone with another person.

When myself, Shaun Unwin and his girlfriend Ashleigh crossed paths with this happy go lucky couple they could not believe how excited we were to see another group of skaters. As a group we were all odd balls, we all choose rollerblades as a way to blow off some steam and as a way to spend time with others.

Next time you are out of ideas for your next date, remember just how much fun skating can be. It is essentially ice skating without limitations. A way to share time with family and friends and most importantly a practical reason for couples to hold hands, or more literally hold each other up!

Oh and if you were wondering how this girl came across this pair of Roces M12's complete with grind plates, they belonged to her Mom. What are the odds?

Erik Burrow
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