Classic Plastic

After a few weeks of cold snowy weather in Toronto the skies finally parted on a day that both myself and Taylor had off. It was easy to convince ourselves that skating street would be a nice change of pace from skating expensive indoor parks where knee pads and helmets are the norm and inline skating is only tolerated because it helps pay the bills. All of the spots we wanted to skate were covered in snow and the ones that we found slid extra slow due to lack of wax. Regardless we got out there and did our thing and to top of our day I renewed my drivers license. Take that winter. Listen to Busta.

January 13, 2014 by Erik Burrow
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Shaun Unwin said:

Those classic thrones look amazing! Good work boys.

Adinda said:

Am happy that alot of people exist with this line thing… I ws cekching through my Baby daughter when I noticed it there I was curious about my other kids .. Guess what they all have it.. From me No? But the mother have in her right hand. I really need meaning to this. Thanks all

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