Falling, standing up, balance, foot position and weight transfer. This video will prepare you for your first time skating. First time on inline skates? Begin on a grass, carpet or a mat (something that will not let your wheels roll easily). Practice standing up and falling. As you become more comfortable on your skates start focusing on your balance. The basic stride is broken up into three components; Balance, V, Lift.

Align your body by keeping your head up, arms in front and bent knees. Feet are placed in a "V" shape , 90 degrees apart. Lift your feet and maintain the same V shape. If you feel unsteady at any point put your hands on your knees to recover balance.Intermediate stride builds off our basic stride by adding compression and one foot gliding.Compression is bending of the knee and flexing of the ankles. Practise this by doing lemon drops. While practising the basic stride hold one foot off the ground for a few extra seconds. This will help you practise gliding on one foot. Next, practise push and gliding on grass or carpet.