Wizard PR - Them Skates 909 Grey 2023 Intuition

$899.00 USD

Skate Size

Introducing the Wizard PR - Them Skates 909 Grey 2023 Intuition, a custom inline skate setup that combines the best of design, comfort, and durability. The 909 shell, known for its supportive and well-loved design, is paired with Intuition liners, known for their comfort and durability. The Wizard PR frames, which have inspired some of the most exciting skating in recent years and helped create a new genre of inline skating, add stability and maneuverability to the setup.

This skate setup has become increasingly popular, especially after the collaboration between Brain Dead, Them Skates, and Wizard Skating. If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out the video of JK skating.

To enhance the skater's experience, the frame size is matched to the skate size.

Skate sizes 7 to 8.5 US come with PR76 frames and 76mm wheels.

Skate sizes 9 to 12.5 US come with PR80 frames and 80mm wheels.


  • Them Skates 909 Grey shell
  • Them Intuition Grey liner
  • Wizard PR frame
  • FR Street Invaders Black wheels
  • FR Twincam MW7 Freeride bearings