Wizard Advanced - Seba CJ2 Black

$950.00 USD

Skate Size + Frame

Take your wizard style skating to the next level with our custom setup.  The Seba CJ2 boots provides your feet with comfort and support. The Wizard Advanced frames let you explore an extended range of balance for all your moves.

For skaters familiar with a progressive rocker 5 wheel setup looking for a longer wheelbase while staying low to the ground.

  • Seba CJ2 Black boot, plastic shell with built in liner
  • Wizard Advanced frame, progressive rocker 5 wheel setup
  • Wizard Advanced wheels, round profile and 85A hardness
  • FR Twincam MW7 bearings

To enhance the skater's experience, the frame size is matched to the skate size.

Skate sizes 7 and 7.5 US come with Advanced 100/76 frames and 4x100mm and 6x76mm wheels.

Skate sizes 8 to 10.5 US come with Advanced 100/80 frames and 4x100mm and 6x80mm wheels.