This is a great example of a VOD that gives you everything and more you could want from a section. After all, great spots, great skating and a well balanced soundtrack always makes for the best viewing experience. In my opinion the thing that really separates Desert from the average profile is the perfectly blended Broll or better yet Bro Roll with Robert Guerrero.

There are so many great moments throughout this film that really capture the amazing relationship Robert and Mathieu have. Robert’s reactions to Mathieu’s process and perfectly executed tricks help you really understand just how much of a brotherly bond these two share. Imagine how good it must feel to have someone as passionate as Rob G in your corner. He is literally the best hype man and it’s no wonder Mathieu and Jonas were able achieve such greatness.

It’s a strange feeling to come out of watching this VOD craving comradery and friendship as much or even more so than Ledoux’s perfect style. We are all a little isolated this days, and getting to watch these two share some amazing moments at the sessions make this section hit just a little harder.

This VOD is good on so many levels, it’s something that really is timeless. There is so much passion behind this project, watching Ledoux continue progressing is a thing of beauty. If you want to watch a master still pushing his own boundaries please grab this VOD. If you also wanna see Robert smiling and also doing some shredding of his own you won’t be disappointed.

Grab it today:

Erik Burrow
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