If you watched the above trailer, your next step is to head over to https://sellfy.com/p/gNgl/ and get your hands on a must have piece of inline skating media. The Wizard of Wall Street is a 10 minute feature that will have you re evaluating the relationship you have with your skates and how you use them to interact with the world around you.  Filmed by Mike Torres during a month long trip to New York City, The Wizard of Wall Street allows Shop-Task owner Leon Basin to provide you with his own unique view from the street. Watch as he finds control amongst the chaos that is, the city that never sleeps. Leon Basin is a wizard and you are about to be put under his spell.

For the average skater a city like New York is intimidating. Traffic is round the clock and the infrastructure at first glance offers an inline skater nothing but congestion, danger and unpredictability. Realistically skating is something so many of us use to escape from our day to day worries. For many the pleasure of inline skating lies within its simplicity. For most people simple is anything but  being thrown into the chaos that is New York City on a pair of rollerblades with a coffee cup in hand.

The Wizard of Wall Street section is so entertaining because it flips the entire idea upside down. Movement through a city on rollerblades is all about awareness.Who needs a brake when you have foresight?  It is this perspective of city space that makes Leon so entertaining to watch on rollerblades. His ability to flow from street to sidewalk, backwards to forwards or better yet with or without car in hand is captivating. When Leon skates, what should be dangerous seems safe. Just like the city around him only Leon knows what will happen next. If his actions and movements seem spontaneous that's because they are. To react to the city, one has to become a part of it. 

 For Leon the streets are nothing but patterns. His objective when skating is to enter a state of flow, something he describes during an hour long audio interview included in this package as uninterrupted, efficient movement throughout the city and space.  To skate like Leon is essentially to think two to three steps ahead. With practice and patience he has found a way to feel the city or better yet to anticipate its' next moves. He describes his journeys with Mike through the city as something organic. His skating is a series of anticipated reactions to the important clues and patterns he sees the city laying out in front of him. For Leon skates are much more than transportation, they allow him to find rhythm within an urban space. He might not always know why he ended up somewhere or performed a certain move at a specific time but that doesn't mean it didn't happen for a reason.  Area's that we would overlook as pedestrians become objects of worship and praise on inline skates. If you've ever been thankful for a freshly paved road when skating you know exactly where he is coming from. Leon's experience of New York was defined by rollerblading. They introduced him to friends, to new sites and mostly importantly fun. What more could you ask for from 8 wheels and a cup of coffee?

Watch this video if you want to see high kicks over Lamborghini's. It is a mix of city skating and Mushroomblading that compliment each other in ways that many others have failed to do. Leon describes being on skates as the most real place he knows and after watching this video its hard to not believe it.

*This VOD also includes over 25 minutes of BROLL footage and an hour long MP3 interview with Mike Torres. It is everything you have been looking for in a VOD and will be something you show to friends time and time again.


Erik Burrow
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