Recently I had the pleasure of reuniting with a friend from years back at a time that I worked as a rollerblade instructor at the Evolution skatepark in Vaughn, Ontario. Agostino and his twin brother Giano were regulars at skatepark as well as the summer camp program. I can't even tell you how many laughs we've shared together or the falls I've witnessed these two take during the time we spent together. When I look back at those times I can't help but smile, these two were not only great skaters but also notorious trouble makers! 

After a brief hiatus from skating due to school, work and growing up Agostino decided it was time to recapture the excitement that rollerblading brought him in his teenage years by purchasing himself a new skate setup. Imagine my surprise when he walked in all grown up and ready to get back into blading!

Unfortunately due to having a wide foot it was quite difficult for us to find a skate that fit him perfectly. After trying on a few different model skates we came to the conclusion that the size 10 Razors SL shell with the size 10/11 Intuition Liner was a step in the right direction. Unlike many of the other options he tried this setup did not give him any pressure points on his instep or ankle and his heel was held firmly in place. The Razors SL is already a very light option stock, but he found that with this liner the skate had a much lighter more manageable weight.

After figuring out the set up the perfect setup, we continued by taking a photo shoot next to the shop. After a few photo attempts I managed to capture a classic Agostino smile which we all know will melt the hearts of ladies worldwide.

Thanks for the support homie look forward to seeing you again soon!


Erik Burrow
Tagged: People & Skates