Mushroom Blading Mugs 100mm/87a Wheels

£44.00 GBP


The 100/87 Mugs are meant to be fast, capable and stable while still dropping some hot moves. Originally thought to be a size for speed or distance skaters…. The creation of the NR100 Wizard Frame by Leon Basin in late 2014 (once again) changed what big wheel skating could be. Used heavily in the Wizard Frame Testing series, ZONE, MB7 and MB8. These wheels are a powerful tool in a comfortable 87a hardness for city exploring, flat ground skating, park skating and lengthy slides. This size was the first MB “pro” product and the first “pro” 100mm wheel in rollerblading history. 100mm wheels are absolutely not core and not certified by the Real Skaters Association of the World. We won’t be mad if you skate these on tri skates, but just don’t start yelling, “death to the 4th wheel.”

Sold in packs of 4, 6, and 8 wheels.