We understand that every customer is looking for a skate to match a vision of skating they have created for themselves.  We are not here to tell you what to do in your skates, that is up to you.  Our mission is to provide you with the right equipment to channel your creative energy. With that being said we do everything because we love it.  We have all grown up on rollerblading and we are here to make sure that it has the same impact it did on us on future generations.

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WSX - Millenium Skatepark, Calgary

What makes you happy? Better yet, what makes you smile? If you are anything like me, the combination of friendly competition, inline skating and beautiful weather seem to always do the trick! 

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People & Skates #3 - Agostino and his Razors SL's

Recently I had the pleasure of reuniting with a friend from years back at a time that I worked as a rollerblade instructor at the Evolution skatepark in Vaughn, Ontario...

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The Seylynn Snake Run - Vancouver

Rollerblading is fun. We all know that, if you didn't think so you wouldn't be reading this right now...

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