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Xsjado is now spelled Shadow.
Shadow skates are known for being extremely comfortable and convenient. It's basically a shoe inside a snowboard binding.
These are a mix of Xsjado 1.0 and 2.0 parts thrown on to the massive Kizer Trimax frames. Three 110mm wheels might not be ideal for front torques but you could do some wild fishbrains!
The new Shadow foot wraps are more like a hightop sneaker or boot and provide a lot of comfort. 1.0 cuffs give you enough support and super flex. 2.0 soul plates make grinding fast and easy.
Pick up the K2 Unnatural Frame Kit, 8x 60mm wheels, and some bearings and you'll have yourself a setup for cruising around the city and shredding your local skate spots.

Brake NOT included. You don't need one anyway.





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