Rollerblade Twister Edge - Anthracite/Yellow

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A hard boot skate from Rollerblade with 80mm wheels.

  • Twister Edge Shell/Upper, molded, vented, V-cut, lateral slider
  • High Performance Liner, improved heel cup and ankle pockets, V-cut, Specialized footbed, shock absorber
  • Extruded Alu (max 80mm) 243mm/9.6", 255mm/10" (sizes 29.0-31.0) Frame, racing axles, laterally adjustable
  • Supreme 80mm/85a (elliptical profile) Wheels
  • Twincam ILQ-7 Plus Bearings
  • Standard Brake

From Rollerblade:

Twister Edge is a highly-versatile and durable urban skate created for men. A new, anatomical Transfer footbed provides superior support with extra cushioning and shock-absorbing padding in the heel. The V-cut liner ensures breathability for comfort while molded boots, including an Anti-torsion Box, create an ideal fit. Aluminum plates and lateral sliders are built-in with torsional 243mm frame rigidity, adding power transfer and control. 80mm Supreme wheels paired with ILQ-7 Plus bearings provide excellent grip and speed. The secure closure system includes 45 degree micro-buckles and lacing; brake is included. Twister Edge is an excellent combination of premium fit, optimal support and advanced maneuverability for every urban skater.