Labeda Gripper Wheel


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The Labeda Gripper is an indoor roller hockey wheel available in Soft, X-Soft and Med (74A, 76A, 80A) in 80mm, 76mm, 72mm, 68mm & 59mm. The Gripper performs very well on nearly all indoor surfaces, smooth concrete, sport/ice court or wood floors. The 3 hardness levels allow you to choose a wheel based on your weight or if you prefer more speed, or more grip!

The Gripper is one of the original wheels to change the indoor game for the better and continues to be a very popular wheel. The wheels use a small hub with more urethane that flexes and compresses to create a larger footprint on the floor resulting in more grip. The smooth concrete of melted ice hockey rinks without sport court puts a beating on all wheels with outer layers of clear urethane, but these solid, opaque wheels are very reliable and keep on gripping.


Best used: Indoor Surfaces - Smooth concrete, Sport/Ice court, Wood floors

Colour: Yellow, White, Red

Wheel Sizes: 80mm, 76mm, 72mm, 68mm, 59mm

Weight: 96g


Wheel Colour Yellow White Red
Hardness Med - 80A (Hardest) Soft - 76A (Middle) X-Soft - 74A (Softest)
Weight Guideline Over 190lbs Under 190lbs Under 140lbs
Preference More Speed Grip/Speed More Grip



The Labeda Gripper is the ONLY wheel we can recommend for indoor roller hockey on a concrete surface. Other wheels like the Labeda Addiction or Dynasty wheels can perform better, but none will be as durable as the Grippers or provide a better bang for your buck. The multiple hardness levels allows you to tweak your setup and add softer wheels into the rotation if you find yourself needing more grip, or harder wheels for more speed. 

For the heavier players feeling slow or disintegrating wheels, go for the Yellow Grippers, you won't regret it. We have big skaters coming back with great reviews, realizing this is how inline hockey is meant to feel!