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K2 VO2 90 Boa W Teal/White

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The K2 VO2 Boa women's inline skates offer classic K2 comfort, support, and performance as well as great convenience for the fitness skating enthusiast looking for speed and ease of use.


Hidden behind the unique turquoise and white aesthetics lives some great skating technology. Starting with the inside of the skate, you get the Custom Fit Foam liner which uses your natural body heat from your feet to form the inside of the skate around your actual foot shape. A foot that fits so greatly inside a skate may start to sweat though, which is why the K2 VO2 Boa women's inline skates offer K2's Vortech Ventilation System. The Vortech Ventilation offers great breathability pulling out the stale unwanted interior air while bringing in fresh air. Maybe the best feature on the K2 VO2 Boa is the actual Boa closure system which offers a quick dial fit system. The Boa system allows for the skates to be taken off super easily and tightened to your exact specifications with ease.


The K2 VO2 Boa women's inline skates are your choice whether you are upgrading your current pair of fitness skates or just looking for a top notch pair to get back into it. Built for comfort and speed, there really isn't a whole lot the K2 VO2 Boa women's inline skates can't do.




  • Boa Closure System
  • Flex Notch
  • Custom Fit Foam Liner