Hockey WrapAround Ice


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Hockey WrapAround Ice allows you to use and train with your composite hockey stick outdoors without destroying your blade! The WrapAround Ice is another improvement on previous WrapArounds with a lighter and better fitting product!

The WrapAround installs fast: the plastic cover wraps around your blade easily and is secured with a couple strips of standard hockey stick tape.

Excellent for inline, puck or ball hockey outdoors. 

**This is the upgraded (V2) Hockey WrapAround Ice**


  • Specialized plastic for maximum durability and flexibility
  • Half the weight of previous models @ ~39 grams
  • Fits left and right handed sticks
  • Fits senior, intermediate and junior sticks (cuts to conform)
  • Slap Shot ready when taped
  • Colour: White or Black
  • Greatly reduces friction for little resistance
  • Replicates the feel of on-ice stickhandling on all surfaces
  • Extends the life of your stick
  • **New crosshatch texture for enhanced grip
  • **Updated Polymer for enhanced durability
  • **New Toe design for added Strength
  • **Thinner Teeth around tip of toe for better fit