Mushroom Blading presents over 100 ways you can use rollerblades. Featuring Todd, Joey and Leon on Big Wheels.

Big Wheels Volume 2 continues the exploration of what can be done on inline skates with wheels 80mm and larger in size. You'll see rollerblading in skateparks, parking lots, the streets and everywhere in-between.

Todd and Joey are using the Seba FR-A skates with Intuition Liners. The Seba FR-A is a hard plastic boot, very responsive and extremely durable. It's fitted with a soulplate on the side, which let's you grind on different objects. The FR-A is very comparable to the FR1 Deluxe Intuition 80 from FR Skates.

Leon is skating the Seba SX boot with the Wizard NR frames. The SX is a stiff carbon fibre UFS boot with a built in liner.  Soulplates can be fitted in-between the boot and frame to allow easier grinding.  In some shots, you will see him skating it with the Intuition Liner.  The later setup has become the Wizard Skate, a very versatile skate for everyday inline skating as well as more artistic or aggressive moves as seen in Big Wheels Volume 2.

AJ DeLong
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