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When winter hits a properly fitting skit boot is a must. At Shop Task we are proud to carry Full Tilt boots to meet all your winter needs.

Full Tilt Boots are an evolution of the Raichle boots that were made popular in the 80's. In order to combat shin bang these boots can be fitted with a variety of ribbed tongues each with different stiffnesses that affect the overall forward flexibility offered by the boot. This in combination with Intuition's heat modelled liners make Full Tilt an obvious choice for any skier.

Full Tilt also offers two different styles of boot in order to accommodate all types of feet. The FT shell offers a relatively narrow fit with a last of 99mm.In comparison the FTI accommodates slightly wider feet with a last of 102mm. Neither of these styles are necessarily better, your choice in boot style should be based on whatever best accommodates the width of your foot.

Remember Full Tilt boots are fully heat mouldable, this means it is important to go with the most snug fit in order to get maximum performance once the boot has packed out from use.