Hi-Lo Mission / Bauer Skate Screw / Axle / Bolt Kit (4 Pack)





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The Mission / Bauer Axle kit are super handy for indoor and outdoor inline hockey players. Screws, Axles, Bolts, whatever you want to call them. The pieces can go missing easily and using anything but these can do more damage than good.


These parts will fit most Bauer and Mission inline hockey skates.

They are available in 2 types, Round or Square.

  • Square Kits will fit most Sr Mission and Bauer skates since 2004.
  • Round kits will fit older Mission skates before 2004 and a lot of current Jr skates.

Would not recommend trying these with other brands skates, old Bauers, Nike, Reebok, CCM, nah! For those, the best 'aftermarket' axles I've seen are the Sonic Extender Axle kits.

Each kit contains:

(enough for 1 skate)

4 x Round Bolts + 4 x Round Axles (ROUND)


4 x Square Axles or 4 x Round Axles (SQUARE)


You will need 2 kits to replace the hardware on both skates.

You will only need 1 kit if you just need hardware for 1 skate.