Green Biscuit Roller Hockey Puck





Green Biscuit Roller Hockey Puck is a new Indoor puck that utilizes the Green Biscuit technology for a puck that slides fast, lays flat and is easy to control on smooth surfaces.

6 hard Green Pegs outline a black puck with two discs held together by Green Biscuits patented dampening system. We have had a lot of fun passing this around in the shop.



  • Colours: Black, Orange, Green
  • Less bouncing and lays flatter on passes
  • Can handle shots and game action
  • Recommended for indoor or smooth surfaces



As the pegs wear down, this puck will start to perform even better on rough, outdoor surfaces. Where most people think of this as ONLY for indoor, it's not the case. They can work great outside as well, AND you can shoot the heck out of them!