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We carry inlines skates from FR, Seba, Rollerblade, Powerslide, and K2.

Our recreational skates embody the everyday spirit of inline skating. With this type of skate you can hit the trails, commute to and from work, explore the city, or really make the most of your imagination. These skates vary in both wheel size and boot construction.

As a general rule of thumb, smaller wheels offer superior control and maneuverability, whereas bigger wheels offer greater top-end speed and distance with every stride.

Soft-boot skates are a more lightweight option, well suited to experienced casual skaters, since the majority of the boot is made from flexible fabric.

Hard-boot skates are primarily constructed from plastic and/or carbon fibre, which makes these skates more supportive, responsive, and durable than their soft- boot counterpart.

We like to recommend hard-boot skates for most skaters because they offer the most support and control, which in turn brings about superior performance. We do not recommend soft-boot skates for beginners or skaters over 150 lbs because of their minimal support.