Roces M12 LO Team Chestnut - BOOT ONLY

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Ships November 18, 2021
Size Guide

This narrow fitting soft plastic shell has a thin removable liner, and a metal memory buckle. The skate's simplicity makes it durable, easy to use and lightweight. Recommended for people with narrow feet or those looking for a close to the boot minimal skating experience.

This boot is also available as a complete skate.

  • Shell: High Grade Polyurethane, Low cuff
  • Closure: Aluminium Memory buckle, Laces
  • Boot: Anatomical padding, Slo Memory foam, Anatomical


Boot is 47% cornstarch-based PU
♻️ Recyclable packaging and 99% plastic-free

Intuition Skate Liner V2 - Upgrade

For those looking for more comfort and better performance, this skate can be purchase with the Intuition Skate Liner V2 instead of the Stock Liner. Intuition is well known in the ski, snowboard and now the inline skate industry for their heat mouldable foam. With the Intuition Skate Liner V2 - Upgrade option selected, we keep the Stock Liner and you get the Intuition Skate Liner V2 for a discounted price.

Roces M12 Shell / Intuition Skate Liner V2 Sizing

4-5 US Shell / XXS (21-22.5 CM) Liner
6-7 US Shell / XS ( 23-24.5 CM ) Liner
8-9 US Shell / S ( 25-26.5 CM ) Liner
10-10.5 US Shell / M ( 27-28.5 CM ) Liner
11-12 US Shell / L ( 29-30.5 CM ) Liner